Partnership Firm



Frequently Asked Questions
Required Documents

Formation and Registration of Partnership Firm


Rs. 5,000/- *

-- Mail your details as mentioned in Required Documents
-- We will prepare draft of the Partnership Deed in consultation with you on phone or mail
-- The final Deed will be mailed to you for approval.
-- After your approval, we will print the Partnership Deed and get it stamped for appropriate Stamp Duty payable.
-- For Registration, we will get the Partnership Deed translated in Marathi Language as required.
-- The Forms and other documents to be submitted for Registration will be forwarded for checking.
-- Sign the Deed, Registration Forms and other papers send to you for submission.
-- Courier the Deed, Form and required papers
-- submits it to the designated Offices and Returns back the acknowledgement copy.
-- We will forward all the concerned papers and documents for your records on mail.


* The Charges excludes Government Registration Fees, Stamp Duty payable  and other incidental expenses required.


The Firm Registration letter is directly issued and sent by the Designated Offices to the applicant on the address specified in the Registration Application Form.